How to Save a Life (The Fray)

How to Save a Life

Key: C Major

Melody: All on white keys and in single notes.

Rhythm: For a simple arrangement, the melody line does contain many anticipations due to the nature of the original. I find that reducing these will make the song sound stilted. Hence, it’s a good piece to teach students about anticipations on beats 1 and 3 which are so prominent in pop songs.

In view of the rhythmic complexity, the left hand is kept to single notes and simple triadic block chords in whole notes in section A. Conversely, in the intro, the left hand broken chord (with a beat 3 anticipation) is supported by a whole-note line in the right hand. In section B, both hands are anticipating beat 3, so this should make coordination easier.

Harmony: All diatonic chords, featuring two slash chords (which are just inversions of the chords). Remarks on left hand arrangement already covered under “Rhythm.”

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  1. Hi Nicole,

    Do you have You tube for this song.. I just want to hear this song and just want to see how you play the song (how to save a life)


    • Hi Gerry

      At the moment, I don’t have a music clip for this. But maybe in future I will consider posting up recordings or MIDI files along with the written arrangements. Keep posted! 🙂

  2. OOOOOOOOO yea a feel good

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