Sway (Quein Sera) [Re-popularized by Michael Buble]


Key: A Minor

Melody: Mainly white keys, occasional G# note (on E7 chord), and Eb harmony note (on F7) on on the second page.  Overall, the melody is arranged in thirds; on page 2 in the B section, the E7 and F7 chords have altogether three notes, forming a full-sounding dominant 7th chord.

Rhythm: Straight 8th latin feel in 4/4 time, containing mainly 8ths and quarters and lots of anticipations of beat 3, in both hands. The importance of the cha-cha bass pattern in the A sections and quasi latin pattern in the B section cannot be overemphasized. Getting both of these right will propel the song along.

Harmony: All diatonic chords of the A natural, melodic and harmonic minors. The left hand basically establishes the cha-cha pattern in the A sections, the notes themselves being: Root, the 5th above, the 5th below and two repeated 5ths again, with the requisite rhythm. In the B section, it changes to Root, 3rd, 5th and 3rd.

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