The Rainbow Connection (from “The Muppet Movie”)

The Rainbow Connection (from “The Muppet Movie”)

Key: C Major

Melody: Except for the 4-bar intro which features couplings of C and F major triads, all melodic notes are on the white keys and in single notes.

Rhythm: Simple rolled 8th feel  in 3/4 time, containing mainly quarter and half  notes; the combination of dotted quarter/8th note rhythm is represented as a quarter note tied to the first of  a pair of 8th notes. (This is useful if a student has not learned the dotted quarter rhythm yet, or a good alternative to anyone who has problems interpreting the dotted quarter/8th note rhythm.)

Harmony: All diatonic chords, except for the A major chord which is the secondary dominant of Dmi on the second line on page two.

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  1. thanks for the melody, I have adapted for ukulele 🙂

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