Main Theme from “Angry Birds” (Popular mobile game from Rovio)

Angry Birds Theme (Mobile Game from Rovio)

This easy arrangement only covers the first 20 bars of the main theme. A complete version will be available as well.

Key: E minor

Melody: The range of the melody is one octave, from Middle E (E4) to High E (E5). The 4-bar intro is in E natural minor, while the rest of the 16 bars are in E Dorian minor, i.e. E-F#-G-A-B-C#-D-E.

Rhythm: Simple straight 8th feel in 4/4 time, containing mainly of quarter and 8th notes. The left hand part is a simple root-5th pattern (played crisply, hence, the quarter rests in between notes), except the third bar of every 4-bar phrase where a short descending bass is featured in half notes.

Harmony: All diatonic chords (although this simple arrangement does not feature chord-playing per se). Intro (E natural minor) uses Imin-bIII-V7-Imin; next 16 bars in E Dorian Minor: first 8 bars use Imin-bIII-bVII-Imin; while the next 8 bars use bIII-bVII-Imin-bIII-IImin-Imin.

Here is a version played by one of my Young Piano Riffers.



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