My Summertime 2013 Giveaway!

MPR Musical Family of SortsHey, Piano Riffers, I have a Summertime Giveaway! (I know it’s Singapore and it’s an everyday summer here, not to mention the worsening haze situation at the moment…) Anyway, some of my expat students are away on their summer hols and this has opened up some of my teaching slots which means I have some free time on my hands! And the operative word here is FREE! ^_^

Starting today up to end of August, I am giving away a one-off 30-min lesson preview/taster to those of you who are interested to start playing contemporary pop/jazz piano but was afraid to try…or wasn’t sure whether it’s what you are looking for…or think you are too young or too old or too busy…

Remember no matter how far away you are, if you have a computer with an in-built camera (or camera hooked up) facing your keyboard or piano and a Skype account, you are all set!

It’s Totally FREE with no strings attached and no further obligations, but the one lesson with just you and me! Let your friends know too!

Click on the “Contact Me” form, or e-mail me at nicole@mypianoriffs.com and we’ll set up some really good stuff!

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