Hahndorf Heritage Museum, South Australia 2

“Playing” an old single-manual organ on display at the Hahndorf Heritage Museum, South Australia

“Only the lesson which is enjoyed can be learned well.” ~ Talmud

Interested in becoming a more versatile piano player? Want to strengthen your knowledge of harmony? Can’t seem to get a groove going when faced with a rhythmic passage?

Let me help you discover the joys of contemporary piano styles! Whether it’s the improvisational adventures in jazz or the intricate rhythms of latin music, or even the smooth sounds of pop and R&B, my step-by-step and systematic teaching method will unlock the secrets to playing these various musical styles.

My Name Card 3 For more details and rates, or to set up a lesson preview/interview if you are located in Singapore or JB, please click on Contact Me above. Or, if you like, you can also submit your comments or feedback below.

Check out three live recordings from some of my recitals:

1. This is a fun piece (a little twist of classical, a whole lotta rock ‘n’ roll) by Billy Barber from his “Lighthouse” album. I had to rearrange this for a live band as the original was a synthesized composition.

Surfer Joe

2. I performed this ballad in a classic jazz piano trio setting. Bill Evan’s rendition from the album, “Waltz for Debby” is still one of my favorite versions of this beautiful piece.

My Foolish Heart

3. I composed this piece for a friend who was returning home to the States in the late ’90s. Since I was very sure we were going to meet again, I didn’t say “goodbye” but…

See You Again, My Friend

My Piano Riffs

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  1. Dear Ms Lee. Play buttons for Surfer Joe & My Foolish Heart don\’t work on my PC. Do I need special software? Thanks, R Tan

    • Hi Ron

      May I know what browser you are using? I’ve checked with the popular ones, i.e. IE8, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and they all work fine. Perhaps you may like to pause and let the player load before playing. Let me know if the problem persists. Thanks for dropping by πŸ™‚

      • Hi Mrs. Liew,

        If you are reading this, I’ve tried to reply to your e-mail but I think there might be some error in your singnet address. I keep receiving a mailing delivery error noting that there’s no known user at your given address. Please do write in again. Hope to hear from you soon.

        nicole πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Nicole,
    Thanks for yr help. The play buttons work now. My foolish heart sounds great! I like your playing. The casual downward riff at the end is really nice! The bass sound goes very deep,the resonance is astounding! is it a WAV file instead of an MP3?
    Tks & till your next posting (completed Ebook) πŸ™‚
    PS: Bill Evans playing is sometimes to esoteric and linear, bereft of climaxes, peak and throughs, when I play BE discs ( Alone, Paris Concert I & II, Sunday Village Vanguard, Montreux etc ) my attention wanders, or I lose track of the song structure….


    • Hi Ron,

      You’re most welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed my rendition of the song. It’s actually an analog recording from many years ago, recently converted to mp3. Minus the inevitable analog noise, it was actually a very good live recording set-up. Hence, the robustness of the bass tone and crispness of the cymbals…

      Yes, I hope to get the e-book out before the CNY hols. Keeping fingers crossed πŸ™‚

      Bill Evans, to me, is the ultimate thematic improviser (especially his treatment of standards) — such beautiful and lyrical lines, supplemented by rich and non-static harmonies in his left hand comps and right hand harmonizations, and then some…

  3. How are you today?

    How is your week?

    • Hi Kian Poh

      It has been a great week catching up with friends and family during the Chinese New Year.

      Is there any music or piano-related query I can help you with?

  4. Dear Nicole

    Great music there! Finally got down to opening this. Am glad I did. Now I know I really miss those good old days when you played the piano at my house and we sang together! Never knew you could compose too! Wish I could send my kids to you to learn! Melaka is too far lah!

    Chin Chu Ann

    • Hey Chin Chu Ann,

      Many thanks and welcome to my blog — finally! I’m glad you enjoyed the music. You must have forgotten that some of the music played at your house were originals. All my friends with kids back home are feeling the pain too…so am I…hehehe…Keep Living the Music!!!

  5. Yalah! I deeply symphatise with your other friends with kids for the brain drain to Singapore !

    Old already lah! Cannot remember the originals you played in my house all those years back! But can remember it was very enjoyable lah!

  6. Hi! Any possibility to get the scores for Surfer Joe? <3<3

    • Hi Gahi, unfortunately I don’t have the score anymore. This recording was from quite a long time ago when I was a music student in L.A., performing for my mid-term showcase. As mentioned, I had to re-arrange the original synthesized version for a live rhythm section. Glad you enjoyed it. Keep Living the Music!

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