I’m Yours (Jason Mraz)

I’m Yours

Key: C Major

Melody: All on white keys and in single notes, except in the intro (sections A and E), where there are couplings of fifths and sixths.

Rhythm: A good study in shuffle feel, since most students will already know this song, the feel should come naturally.

This is another one of those arrangements where if anticipations were to be taken away from the melody, the whole song will sound stilted. I’m again banking on the fact that the student would have already heard this song before and hence, will learn to match what they hear with what they see on paper.

In view of the rhythmic complexity of the right hand melody, the left hand is kept to triadic block chords in different rhythms of whole, half and quarter note durations within the different sections. The most rhythmic of these left hand patterns being the quasi stride pattern in sections A, E and G, where the melodic rhythm is without anticipations and quite straightforward.

Harmony: A repetitive four-chord progression of C, G, Ami and F or I-V-VImi-IV. An interesting D7 at the phrase ending of section F, creating a kind of suspense before “resolving” back into chord I. And the song ends with a Plagal cadence, F to C, chord IV-I. Remarks on left hand arrangement already covered under “Rhythm.”


  1. what? how do youi play it!?!?!

    • Hi Christine

      Even easy pieces need some work. If you read the accompanying notes, you will realize that it’s helpful to know the song well. Listen to how Jason Mraz sings the song and try to follow along with the treble clef melody notes. The left hand accompaniment is arranged as simple as possible to provide a solid support while the melody is not changed too much so as to make the whole arrangement sound stilted. Happy practicing!

  2. i dont understand. i want sheet music that i can print off and play without deciphering it. 🙁

  3. can I play this … ? I am not sure about it….

    • Hi Chordy

      As with any artistic endeavor, all of us have to put in consistent practice and effort to achieve any significant outcome. Try listening to Jason Mraz’s singing to follow the rhythm of the melody line; the chords are repetitive, and hence you can fully concentrate on learning the melody. Get professional help, if need be! 🙂


  5. Hi I cannot print the song so it doesn’t help me that much but it looks fun to play on the computer!

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