Shout-Outs from Piano Riffers Around the Globe

Nu Mai, Thailand:

hi Nicole, I really appreciate your book
that’s very helpful to me in my piano study especially in Jazz method
my English is not so good…..so I don’t know what to write about ……
but your book really convenient for me and I am so thank you for that book
if you had other method or other book ….please don’t forget to share to me
and Can we be friend ?
God Bless You
Thank You

Peter, South Africa:

Hello Nicole, Thanks for the email.
I am 69. Used to play piano more regularly, by ear, self taught, using block chords…Your site and handout are pretty useful. I have read your explanation of the different minor scales with interest and actually learnt something!

Patrick, United States of America:

I have read your E-Book entitled “7 ways to become a better Pop/Jazz Pianist” which has become my practice routine guide,thanks ever so much for an excellent book.”

Tony, United States of America:

Hello Nicole, I really enjoyed the video of Harry Grubman playing ‘ Autumn Leaves ‘. I would like to learn  jazz tunes from a lead sheet in this style !!!! What are your thoughts on getting started. Thanks.

Urs, Switzerland:

Thanks, and good evening (Singapore time): I just detected your homepage this morning. At first sight, I am impressed by the systematic way you treat the subject of harmony. I will go through the text…On playing, the challenge is to add and control the (left) foot, so understanding harmonical concepts is the key to playing anyway. Basically, you have to reverse engineer the harmony behind the notes. Your explanations are really helpful.

Leslie, Australia:

Hi Nicole, I have been very much enjoying your emails and have downloaded your free E-book also very informative. I am an old guy and just started learning piano for the first time about 18 months ago. I am loving it but still very much a beginner. I sometimes wonder if I will ever really to be able to play with any sense of fluidity and ease but I keep working at it.

My ambition is to have passing ability to play jazz and some easy classical. Big ideas but a long way to go!  I love your recommendations for jazz particularly Autumn Leaves which has always been one of my all time favourites particularly when played by Keith Jarret.
…I enjoy your newsleters and find them very informative about the whole piano experience.

Bianor, Brazil:

Dear Nicole Lee

Thanks for your information. I am still reading your book. I have been studying for some 5 years
and the evolution is reasonably good, since I enjoy both, theory and practice.  I am OK, that means, “in process”, with melody and harmony. I am still very unprepared in rhythm. So, in styles, as a natural consequence, I guess. Then, I was quite interest in your chapter on rhythm, when I got very surprised: I could not make any sense of it. Certainly my English was not enough. I will check it. I think some technical expressions I had never met before surprised me, for I have been reading a lot.

Any way, I will explore your information since I am very interested, my targets are Jazz, Blues
and Bossa Nova and I feel your material is promising for me.

Tom, United States of America:

Hey Nicole,

I want to learn jazz piano in the worst way.  When I surfed the net I found your site about a year ago and I enjoyed your open accessible information and encouragement. Last summer you offered a free lesson and I never took advantage of it. I’m stumbling on trying to learn all the chords I need to know but I trudge on.  Thanks for having a great website and being so generous with your information on jazz.  No need to respond to this letter.  But it’s good to have people like you around.  


Peter, United Kingdom:

Thank you so much for your invaluable ebook, and for your generosity in providing it for free. I cant say I have been through it all yet but am very motivated to do so now.
Thanks again

Victoria, Romania:

Hi Nicole,

Thank you for your message.
I find your e-book helpful and informative.
I’m living in Romania  and I am … 61 years old but looking to learn something new…
 I have now a lot of time to do this.

Keep living the music sounds wonderful

Michelle, Singapore:

Dear Nicole
What a great book! You have provided so much info. This is perfect to get me started playing again. I would definitely like to take piano lessons with you.

Minh Dang, Vietnam:

thank you very much, it’s amazing.

Liphat, Zimbabwe:

It was my dream to learn how to play jazz and gospel classic but i didnt know how. Many thex to Mypianoriffs for the pianist e-book. Itsa key to my dead lock. I can be able to buld chords in all keys and diatonic 7th chords i know what they are and im bussy play them in all keys like you say…Thank you once again keep up the good job.Look foward for more tips. Long live.

Kianoosh, Iran:

hi dear Nicole Lee
i am so interest and happy about your attention to music and specially pianists,thank you very much,i got your (7 ways…) book and it was very nice and useful for me,beacuse i learned many more details about jazz music and playing jazz piano.now i am playing (autumn leaves)jazz part,it was your advise to me and i got it.i always follow your blog and enjoy it,thank you again and hope enjoy your day.   

Eghosa, United Kingdom:

Yes sir it has been helpful.

Rebecca, United States of America:

Just finished printing out all of the blog articles so I could read and practice! Thank you so much for sharing so freely!

Chris,  United States of America:

Yes, piano i find to be a beautiful instrument, i play the piano everyday Esp cuz one, i want to learn, second im currently attending a music Academy and theory seems to get the best of me esp Melodic, dictation, my rhythm has recently improved, and interval dictation, training my ear to recognize which key or scale, semitone or ma, mi, u know they really push it honest to learn with in 3 months, on top of 6 more classes, i c u live in singapore, my roomate came from indoesnia  jakrata. Thank again for ur help and yes the only to get better is to play everyday

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