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The premise of Rocket Piano is that playing songs is the best way to learn the piano. Hence, the course offers step-by-step instructions in text form, musical notation, as well as audio (mp3) and/or video demonstrations. After each song, you are provided with jam tracks where you can play along to the simple pre-arranged music. Jam to your heart’s delight!

Who is it for?

Rocket Piano has three levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. For maximum progress, you are of course encouraged to follow the levels sequentially. It also has a section on Gospel or worship music, and an Introduction to Jazz. In my opinion, the jazz module is not the strongest suit of the whole course, although it does provide you with an idea of what jazz piano playing is. After all, it is just an introduction! You will learn how to read music notation, chord symbols and also to do simple improvisation. Everything is explained in detail and clearly demonstrated.

Who is teaching it?

Throughout the course, you will be taught by Ruth Searle, a classically-trained pianist with 15 years of experience performing in the various styles of pop, rock, blues, gospel and jazz music. Ruth speaks clearly and demonstrates each exercise or lesson topic on the keyboard. Most times, you will have a bird’s eye view of her hands over the keys.

What does it include?

The whole Rocket Piano package contains:
1. The Beginner Book, plus audio/video files and jam tracks.
2. The Intermediate Book, plus audio/video files and jam tracks.
3. The Advance Book, plus audio/video files and jam tracks.
4. Jazz Piano Book, plus audio/video files and jam tracks.
5. Gospel Piano Book, plus audio/video files and jam tracks.
6. Fingering Technique and Exercise, plus audio/video files.

And the following six (6) bonuses if you sign up today:
1. Rocket Piano Metronome – a digital metronome to help you with your timing and speed.
2. Jayde Musica Pro – a software designed as a game that makes note-reading and recognition interesting.
3. Chordinator – a software that helps you learn and identify chords.
4. Advanced Learning Techniques for Piano – more tips and techniques for the serious pianist.
5. Perfect Your Pitch Pro – a software that trains your ears to identify notes with accuracy.
6. Songpond (Year 2020 Update: Please note that this may not be available anymore.) – 30-day free access to this site where you can learn all your favorite and latest songs. This is probably the most exciting part of the whole program because you get to choose popular songs, ranging from personalities like Elton John to Alicia Keys, Coldplay to Sara Bareilles, and follow the instructor who is going to break each song down into small chunks and show you step-by-step how to play it. If you enjoy this feature — which I’m sure a lot of people will — you will have to subscribe for a fee after the 30-day trial. Oh, by the way, during the trial period you can actually download two songs. So, choose wisely 😛

How much is it and how can I get it?

As of writing, Rocket Piano – The Ultimate Piano Learning Kit is priced at $39.95 for an instant digital download at the member’s area.

However, for those who prefer to have the the whole course in DVDs & CDs, it can be sent via regular post for $199.95 + P&P. I recommend you go for the first option as you’ll get to download the program and start learning immediately upon payment!

As with all genuine products, this offer comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. The producers of Rocket Piano will refund you 100 percent – no questions asked, no hassle.

Free Lessons

In fact, they are so confident that you will like their product, you can actually sign up for six (6) free lessons here, preview them and then decide whether it’s right for you.

(Year 2020 Update: Please note that these free lessons may not be available anymore.)

For more information on Rocket Piano, just click here.

BONUS: If You Get Rocket Piano from my link, I will send you three of my popular Monthly Jazz Workshop Series* notes, i.e. Blues, Swing and Jazz Ballad. To access the Rocket Piano page, click on any of the bold/underscored links above. After purchasing the product, send me the invoice. Once I get the invoice, I will e-mail you my bonus package.

*The Monthly Jazz Workshop Series cover each style by breaking down each area, i.e. form, harmony, scale, rhythm/rhythmic pattern, accompaniment pattern, and improv ideas.

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