PianoForAllThe PianoForAll process of learning begins with the playing of chords as the creator of the program believes that this is the fastest way to learning the piano. Each lesson in the first four books lays a solid foundation of chords supported with rhythmic grooves and arranged in specific styles. Initially, the student is expected to learn to play by ear or by rote, but is slowly introduced to music notation by matching what is heard and played by what is written or read.

This course intrigued me because obviously that is the premise of my blog too, that most pianists (especially those who are classically-trained) have poor rhythmic sense and chord knowledge, and therefore these are the two areas that need to be worked on.

And the Pianoforall system teaches these musical elements commendably! Songs are grouped according to the various styles and you get a list of songs that uses these rhythmic patterns along with their chord progressions or chord changes. You are also shown songs that use the same combination of chords and rhythm sequence! For example, using Rhythm #1 (which is a basic bass-chord stride pattern) for Blue Moon and Red, Red Wine (both songs sharing the same progression of I-VImi-IV-V). Or applying Rhythm #5 (Half Beat Bounce) to Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind” or Coldplay’s “Trouble.”

Who is it for?

PianoForAll comes in 10 e-books embedded with audio and video files. Books 1 to 4 lays down the foundation of chords and rhythms, while the rest of the books build on that foundation by exploring more styles, i.e. jazz, ragtime, blues, and also a lot of improvisation tricks. This program and the way it is taught is very suitable for those who love to accompany themselves on their piano in different styles, as you will be playing rhythmic chord patterns almost immediately! Music notation and other musical terms and symbols will be gradually taught but the student always have the option to “hear and play” first before reading. The jazz and blues sections are very informative and the improvisation aspects are well laid out.

Who is teaching it?

The creator and teacher of PianoForAll is Robin Hall. Not much is known about him, except that besides playing and teaching the piano, he practices meditation and expounds on this in his bonus e-book. You don’t get to see his face in the videos, you only hear his voice and see his arms and hands over the keyboard. Although the course is filled with exciting chords and rhythms and styles, Robin doesn’t really sound very enthusiastic when he is doing a demonstration. This may be the only negative point I have about the whole program.

What does it include?

The PianoForAll complete course contains 10 e-books embedded with audio and video demonstrations:

1. Book 1 – Party Time/Rhythm Style Piano (basic chords and 10 classic “party” rhythms)

2. Book 2 – Blues & Rock ‘n’ Roll (basic blues chords and rhythms)

3. Book 3 – Chord Magic (continuation of basic chords study)

4. Book 4 – Advanced Chords Made Easy

5. Book 5 – Ballad Style

6. Book 6 – Jazz Piano Made Easy

7. Book 7 – Advanced Blues and Fake Stride

8. Book 8 – Taming the Classics (using the PianoForAll method to learn popular classical piano pieces)

9. Book 9 – Speed Learning (exercises and memory tricks for learning scales and chords)

10. Book 10 – Bumper Resource Book (list of songs, info on piano and keyboards, book reviews, music website listings, etc.)

11. Free Bonus E-book – Increase Your Creative Ability by 400 % (40-page book on the  practice of mindfulness and meditation to get into the creative zone)

How much is it and how can I get it?

As of writing, PianoForAll is going at half price at $39.95 (usual price is $79.50) for an instant digital download or in CD-Rom (free delivery). I recommend you go for the first option as you’ll get to download the program and start learning immediately upon payment!

You can also order the books separately or in different combination bundles. Click here for the price of individual books and bundles.

As with all genuine products, this offer comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Robin Hall is so certain you will love his method of teaching that he happily and unconditionally offers you a full refund if you send him an e-mail telling him otherwise — and you get to keep whatever you have purchased earlier.

For more information on PianoForAll, just click here.

BONUS: If You Get PianoForAll from my link, I will send you three of my popular Monthly Jazz Workshop Series* notes, i.e. Blues, Swing and Jazz Ballad. To access the PianoForAll page, click on any of the bold/underscored links above. After purchasing the product, send me the invoice. Once I get the invoice, I will e-mail you my bonus package.

*The Monthly Jazz Workshop Series cover each style by breaking down each area, i.e. form, harmony, scale, rhythm/rhythmic pattern, accompaniment pattern, and improv ideas.

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