Free E-book “7 Ways to Become a Better Pop/Jazz Pianist” is Ready!

YEAH!!! My free 30-page e-book 7 Ways to Become a Better Pop/Jazz Pianist is finally ready to go! All confirmed subscribers should have received an e-mail from me with a downloadable attachment of the e-book.

For those who have not done so yet, just go ahead and sign up for your personal copy today. It’s free, it’s easily downloadable…and hopefully, jam-packed with helpful musical information!*

If you like the book, please leave a comment here! 🙂

* reading of music notation not required

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    1. Dear Nicole, May I wish you Happy Chinese New Year too plus my heartfelt thanks for your 7 ways to become…. hope it does not turn into 7 months for me 🙂 Ronny

      • Hi Ron,

        You’re most welcome. It takes diligent practice to become good at anything, especially making beautiful music on the piano. Seven ways to be used in a seven-day practice session to be accomplished in seven months is no mean feat either! Some play for seven years and never reach anywhere because of poor guidance. Hope my e-book will motivate more to have knowledgeable practice and not just boring and routine practice sessions that lead nowhere!Going through aimless practice motions isn’t exactly the best way to play better piano 🙂

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