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Hey, Piano Riffers, I have a Summertime Giveaway! (I know it’s Singapore and it’s an everyday summer here, not to mention the worsening haze situation at the moment…) Anyway, some of my expat students are away on their summer hols and this has opened up some of my teaching slots which...

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Great Piano Playing!

Posted by admin | Posted in Piano Potpourri | Posted on 27-02-2010

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While waiting for my next blog post, enjoy some clips from this Brit by the name of Paul W. Wells — he apparently is a software engineer by day! — who plays fantastic contemporary piano styles on his digital stage piano.

On most pieces he sets up a split on his Roland piano so that the right side or top part has a piano sound while the left side or bottom end has a bass sound. At times, the bass part is also layered with the existing piano tone. Note that the overall playing style would work just as well if the whole keyboard was set to an acoustic piano timbre.

I’ve included some of my personal favorites here. This is what I call great piano playing with excellent interpretation of all the different contemporary music styles. Enjoy!


This next Bill Withers number is accompanied by a solid drum part.


Pop Ballad/M.O.R.


Now, go make some beautiful music on your piano! Keep Living the Music!!!